Teaching writing to children (Teaching to write Arabic letters on the line)

When your child reaches the pre-school age, and when he begins to go to kindergarten, great changes occur in his life, of course in your life as well. In the process of teaching your child is to teach him to write, especially to teach him to write Arabic letters on the line in a safe and enjoyable way for you and your little one.
Writing Arabic letters on the line:
Before teaching your child to write Arabic letters on the line, there are some things, if you do them correctly, the task will be much easier for you and your child, here are some of these things:
1- Strengthening the hand muscles:
Strengthening the muscles of your child’s hands is very important for him to write properly. The muscles of the hands are not strong enough for writing before the age of four, but you can strengthen them through several activities, including:
• Random coloring that kids love very much.
• Cutting with scissors.
• Playing with clay and forming various shapes.
• Playing with blocks and clips.
• Use the spoon to eat.

2- Recognize letters well:
Before teaching your child to write properly, he must make sure that he knows the letters completely. Here are some activities that will help you with that:
• Writing letters in the air, as if drawing with his hand in the air.
• Draw letters on sand, sugar or flour.
• Coloring the letters with clay and recognizing them.
• Drawing letters with shaving paste on the bathroom wall while taking a shower.
• Or any similar means that the mother deems appropriate.

Teaching writing Arabic letters on the line:
After making sure that the child knows the letters well, and the muscles of his hands are strengthened, you can do these things to teach him to write on the line correctly:
1- Teaching the child to hold the pen correctly:
Teaching your child the correct way to hold the pen is very important, and it must be achieved to write correctly on the line, and the correct way to hold the pen is by using the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Your child can reach this stage after the age of four years, so do not rush, learning to write letters requires patience and then Patience, then patience.
2- Use high quality pens:
The length of the pen must be appropriate, and the appropriate length of the pen for pre-school children should not exceed centimeters, and the pen should be of high quality and clear line that does not require the child to pressure much to write clearly, this pressure causes pain for your child, which results in writing Bad handwriting and great stress for the child.
3- Make sure your child’s grip on the pen is relaxed:
Watch your child writing, if you notice signs on the previous page, this means that his grip on the pen is excessively tight, and the reason for this is often psychological pressure, calm your child because this pressure may cause him pain that makes his handwriting bad.
4- Providing suitable brochures:
You should not start teaching your child letters on a white page, and it is also not preferable to start with a regular lined notebook. The best thing is to start with paper divided into four lines, and the lines are colored and clear, so that your child can control the size of the letter and the way it is drawn on the line.
5- Make sure you are encouraging:
Providing an encouraging and stimulating environment will help your child a lot to learn anything, including writing properly. Make the time for writing a nice and enjoyable time, and do not get frustrated when mistakes are repeated. Mistakes are very necessary for learning.

6- Make fun descriptions for the letters:
For example, alif: is a straight line that wears a hat, nun: a plate with a piece of fruit, and so on.
7- Continuous writing training:
Training and repetition work miracles, never give up on repeating the information in different ways, and make sure that he will learn at the right time because every child learns at the right time for him.

Thus, following the instructions and adhering to them reduces the fatigue stage for parents in training their child to learn to write, and here we mentioned one of the ways in teaching the child to write, as the multiplicity of methods is a positive point that contributes to the diversity of content in proportion to their different absorptive capacity.
There are other ways to teach writing to children.
Teaching writing Arabic letters for children with dots


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