Teaching writing to children (Teaching children to write Arabic letters with dots)

Many parents and teachers ask a question:
What is the best way to teach a child to write Arabic letters?!
We have to accept the fact that with the development of modern means of communication we have a lot of non-traditional methods, but some traditional methods have an effective impact on education, such as dots and coloring and others.
The method of teaching writing Arabic letters for children with dots:
This method helps the child to know the shape of the letter and to teach writing letters in an easy way, so he writes the letter above dots and looks at its shape a lot. And English, and this method facilitates the process of learning to write Arabic letters, because it teaches the child how to hold the pen and how to draw letters, and some geometric shapes can be used because they are easier to draw and trace, where the child traces the points to write the alphabet.
This method can be used to teach the child how to form the opening, joining and breaking, and we can also use the same method to write words and short sentences after a period of learning the letters, and all this is done in a simplified way for children.
• Features of the drip lettering method:
 The child learns how to write the locations of the letters, where he learns how to write the letter at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of a word.
 The child learns how to write the shapes of letters, where he learns formation, whether in the long term, the short term, or joining and others.
 The child’s observation accuracy increases because he learns to compare letters, and recognizes similar ones in shape and sound.
 The child learns how to install syllables and how to put letters next to each other so that words are formed through seeing letters next to each other and spelling, as well as understanding pictures through reading and identifying their names.
We hope that teaching children writing Arabic letters with dots will be easy and simple, and what we have mentioned will help and simplify the use of it in teaching children.
Teaching children to write letters in their shapes and according to their position in the word:
Learning any language in the world requires learning the alphabet, as it is necessary to teach Arabic letters to children before they enter kindergarten from the age of five to six years old, as the nursery stage is a critical stage in a child’s life that makes him able to memorize and absorb all Arabic letters in terms of writing and reading them.
The Arabic letters consist of “28” letters arranged in this way, they are arranged in a more frequent manner in the following manner:
a- b- t- th- c- h- kh- d- y- r- z- o- u- y- z- t- z- o-g-f- s- k-l-m-n- E-and-y.
Here’s how to teach your little one the letter shapes as follows:
Name The letter is separate The letter at the beginning of the word The letter in the middle of the word The letter at the end of the word Example
Alpha lion
Baa b b b b b b bab
T T T T T apple
Tuesday Th Th Th fox
Gym C C C C C sentences
ha ha ha ha ha haj
kha kh kh kh bread
dal dd dd dd dick
Zol y y wolf
Ra t t t t blades
Zayi Zahra
Shin M M Mm Sun
r y r yr desert
The antidote to the frog
Tmm mmm a plane
za za za za zahraban
Al Ain
Elgin na na na na Forest
Alfa qf qf ferr
Al-Qaf q-Qur’an
El Kef Electricity
Lol Lil Lemon
M M M M M mosque
n n n n n n n
Wow and -and pink
Ya y y y y y id

Thus, the stage of teaching writing to your child is considered a new preparation stage in their lives, which reduces their stress and fears and enhances their confidence, and it is an important stage in their lives.
Thus, we have provided parents with everything they need to encourage their children to learn to write and read, hoping for a bright future for our children.


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