How do I teach my child letters?!

Learning The Alphabet Is The First Step In The Education Journey. In Order For The Child To Be Able To Read And Write.

Learning the alphabet is the first step in the education journey. In order for the child to be able to read and write, he must first learn the letters and their sounds, and the way to write them. Once the child crosses two years, the mother asks when will my child start learning letters? What is the appropriate age at which a child can memorize the sounds and shapes of letters? When can a child read? How can he be taught to read words and sentences in a simple way? All these questions will be answered in this article, God willing.
When does my child start learning letters?
The child begins to memorize letters songs, whether English or Arabic, sometime between the age of two and three when he listens to them, whether in the nursery or from a member of his family, or even on television, and although the child at that stage can sing the song, he does not understand That each letter has a specific sound, and that these sounds are the ones that make up the words he utters, he just memorizes them as a normal song like the one we sing to him at bedtime or while playing, and starting at the age of three or four years, the child connects the letter and the sound it makes, and with the arrival of The child of the age of five, he knows all the letters and their sounds and the way of writing them, and you must bear in mind that every child is different from the other, every child has special abilities and preparations that qualify him for the memorization process at an early age than his peers or at a slightly later age, you must take into account that And don’t worry.
From the above, in the end, the learning mechanism depends on the child’s abilities and his response to the way he learns, and in most cases you can start teaching the child songs of letters after the age of two and teach him to write them starting from the third.
When can my child read?
After your child learns letters, their sounds and shapes, you can start teaching him to read from the age of five, where the child’s total of words is about “2500” words, and the child at this age begins to distinguish words and pronounce the sounds of letters smoothly, and thus read simple words, and some children They can read some words from the age of four, as we mentioned earlier that it depends on the mental abilities of the child.
Dear mother, you may get excited to see your child progress and learn new skills such as learning letters.
You may even begin to allocate a specific time every day to study with your two-year-old, but experts advise deliberation and not pressure the child to learn such skills before the age of school or kindergarten. Your enthusiasm and passion to see your child develop may have an adverse effect on your child. He feels pressure and stress to learn difficult and new things such as letters, and he may become frustrated as a result of learning at an early age that is not commensurate with his abilities, so should I leave my child without teaching him anything?!
Do not worry that the daily activities that you do with your child such as singing, reading and playing are enough to enrich your child’s knowledge and ensure his proper cognitive and cognitive development. When your child plays with blocks or builds buildings in the sand, he learns and acquires new knowledge every day.
If your child is interested in letters, their shapes and sounds and would like to learn more about them, encourage him with the following activities:
• Reading books for children:
Head to the children’s books section and choose a wide range of children’s books and read them with your little one every day. These books will help your child learn about many different topics and skills.
Then your child’s desire to learn Arabic and English letters will increase through the most beautiful and useful educational books.
• Write your child’s name:
The first letters that your child will learn are the ones that make up his name, write his name on his things so that he gets used to seeing him and recognize the letters that make up his name, and you can write his name through the building blocks, so your child will recognize the letters through the game of entertaining cubes, and you can use the writing board which It will be the best way to introduce your child to the letters in a fun way.
• Educational games:
Riddles and other games are among the children’s favorite methods, which have proven to be very useful in learning letters and numbers at an early age in children, as jigsaw puzzles, puzzles, and other educational games are a fun and effective way to teach the child Arabic and English letters as well.

In general, enticing the child through various educational activities and taking into account his abilities as well (factors that help in improving the child’s learning), are all factors that contribute to your child’s learning of letters and contribute to his learning to read, hoping to make the educational process simple, pleasant for the child and effective at the same time.


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