How do I teach my son to read?!

Reading is one of the important topics that parents ask about and there is concern about.

Reading is one of the important topics that parents ask about and there is concern about, and we must note that the reading process is a subsequent stage to a previous stage (learning the alphabet), so the child must be able to learn the letters until I move to the reading stage, so the following stages must be taken into account and in an orderly manner during Teaching a child to read:
The first stage: It is the stage of teaching the child the alphabets with the fatha (A, B, T…), which is a very important and more important stage than his education (A, B, T…) in order to shorten the time and effort. We start with the letters with the fatha. Build the letters (a, b, t, w, c…) until the rest of the letters.
The second stage: I give him the letters in the places of the word: the beginning of the word, its middle, and the end.
Such as: (a, a), (b, b, b, b), (c, c, c, c).
The third stage: Give him the broken letters: (E, B, T, T, J..).
Fourth stage: I give him the combined letters: (A, B, T, T, J..) and assign each letter with its movement a lesson of its own without putting pressure on the child while teaching the letters without coercion.
The fifth stage: the stage of letters with the three vowels:
(A, E, A), (B, B, B), (T, T, T) and so on…
Sixth stage: give him the letters in no order:
(a, c, c, r, s, y, y)
The child at this stage mastered the letters with the movements, and here he reached a stage
Mastery of letters by opening, joining and breaking in all their forms.
Seventh stage: Now the child has reached the stage of reading a triple word. The details of this stage are as follows:
Read three letter words:
I teach my child at this stage that al-Fath is a case of spelling, which is a sign ( ) placed above the letter, and we must open the mouth while pronouncing it, and I give him the easy letters that do not connect with what comes after them, which are six letters, two letters by themselves, and four letters connected to each other, i.e. : Alif and Waw (a, f), (d, y), (r, g).
Example: the word (drasa) and ask him to read it, then give him other triple words in the conquest movement as well, such as: (spread, draw) and show him cards and pictures that motivate him to read.
And here I want to remind the parents, we begin to teach the child to write after reading without compulsion and take into account his psychology a lot, and if we find that the child is weak and cannot write, I never pressure him.
In general, the process of teaching your child to read requires you to be patient, slow and take into account his abilities. In addition, you need to practice and persevere, even with the slightest bit, by reading a story before bed, or by reading the store boards for fun and enjoyment, all of which helps him learn and strengthens him and increases the speed of his reading.


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