Alphabet letters for kids

Children are distinguished by their ability to learn quickly, especially learning new languages, and learning letters and spelling them. To teach children is to combine education with play and fun, such as drawing, singing, coloring, and praising the child always, even if he makes a mistake, so that he can trust himself and not despair. In this article, we will mention to parents tips and ways to teach the child the alphabet.
Ways to teach children the alphabet:
Each child is different from the other, and his hobbies and tendencies differ. For example, if your child loves drawing and coloring, you must teach him the letters of the alphabet, reading and writing, by merging them with colors and drawings, by linking each alphabetic letter with a drawing or picture that represents it, such as:
• To associate the letter Alif with the image of a rabbit so that he remembers its pronunciation, by saying a rabbit, and to repeat this word in front of him and make him repeat it with you, and to connect it with the shape of a stick so that he remembers his writing
• To associate the letter ba with the image of the duck to teach him its pronunciation, and to link it to the shape of the plate so that he remembers writing it.
• To link the letter Taa with the image of dates so that he learns its pronunciation, and with the form of the hungry plate so that he remembers writing it.
But if your child loves songs and music, you can teach him the letters through them, by singing a song for him about each letter, either by composing it with him, or by hinting from the Internet, where there are many educational purposeful songs that help in establishing the letters and their pronunciation in the child’s mind, And if you want the letter not to be forgotten, repeat the song with him every summer, and ask him to repeat it constantly.
How to teach a child to write the letters of the alphabet:
1- Focus on the letters of the name:
As it is good for parents to start teaching children to write the letters that come within the names of these children, and parents can represent these letters using magnetic letters, or paper cards and then mix them together and then help him to arrange these letters, and it is also possible to draw attention the child to the first letter of his name.

2- Linking words to things:
In the old days, readers relied on illustrations when reading, so creating and evoking meaning by combining pictures and words is one of the contents of reading, so children can be taught to learn to write letters by linking the words they know with pictures bearing the meaning of these words, then referring to the first letter From the word with imitation of the sound of the object in the image, and finally referring to that image.
3- Learning through food:
Where the child can learn to write some letters by trying to write them through some foods such as flour or sugar, and this can be done by placing the available material on a table and then spreading it on the surface of the table, and this method helps the child to learn how to feel the letters without fear and anxiety From how to hold a pencil or even a crayon.
4- Handwriting skill:
Handwriting is a necessary matter that children suffer from in their studies. Therefore, parents must follow the skill of handwriting, as it does not only mean the ability to pick up the pen. This skill must be developed and taught to the child so that he controls his arm and hand and his ability to understand some concepts of handwriting such as the word of the highest. And down, right, and other handwriting skills.
5- Learn the alphabets with movements:
The mother usually dreams of her son becoming a speaking and able to read letters and words correctly in the early stages of his life, and this matter is not easy and also not difficult and it is important at the same time, because the child needs follow-up, especially from parents more than school in the early stages of his life.
Thus, the above-mentioned methods are one of the methods of teaching your child the letters of the alphabet, and there are also other methods of them (learning the letters of the alphabet with movements). The greater the variety of methods, the more information will be focused in your child’s mind and will achieve greater benefit.
Other methods of teaching children the alphabet follow…
Teaching children the alphabet (link to the article).


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