Qur’an Kareem, the 6th level

By Tamkeen Academy Categories: Qur'anic
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About Course

the course: the beginning of 17th juz until the end of 23rd juz

  •       Class numbers: 60 classes (more classes are on the students)
  •       Class duration: 30 minutes
  •       Students number: 1:1

The Level duration (create choices from the following):

5 months          3 classes every week

7 months         2 classes every week

The class in interactions between students and teachers online

The student gets an academy certification when he\she succeeds.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Memorizing and tajwid the course

Course Content

All lessons
The First lesson (Letters 1) The Second lesson (Letters 2) The Third lesson (Letters 3) The 4th lesson (Letters 4) The 5th lesson (Letters 5) The 6th lesson (Gingival characters) The 7th lesson (Forming letters with fatha 1) The 8th lesson ( Letters blending1) The 9th lesson (Letters blending 2) The 10th lesson (Letters blending 3) The 11th lesson (Letters don’t blend) The 12th lesson (Forming letters with kasra 1) The 13th lesson (Forming letters with kasra 2) The 14th lesson (Forming letters with kasra 3) The 15th lesson (Forming letters with Dhamma 1) The 16th lesson (Forming letters with Dhamma 2) The 17th (Omar text) The 18th (Quiz) The 19th (Fatha with sokon) The 20th (Kasra with sokon) The 21st (Dhamma with sokon) The 22nd (Assad and Zinab text) 23rd (Letters mad by alef 1) 24th (Letters mad by alef 2) 25th (Letters mad by alef 3) 26th (Adnan and Souad text) 27th (Letters mad by yaa 1) 28th (Letters mad by yaa 2) 29th (Hani’s cock text) 30th (Letters mad by waw 1) 31st (Letters mad by waw 2) 32nd (Younes ‘s sheep text ) 33rd (Quiz) 34th (Moon letter) 35th (Fatha with shadda) 36th (Kasra with shadda) 37th (Dhamma with shadda ) 38th (Quiz) 39th (Two damma ) 40th (Two kasra) 41st (Two fatha) 42nd (Sun letter) 43rd (Quiz) 44th (Zinab and Jamil text) 45th (Al-Tashahhud) 46th (Quiz in all Rashidi book)

  • The First Lesson
  • The Second Lesson
  • The Third Lesson
  • 4th Lesson
  • 5th Lesson
  • 6th Lesson
  • 7th Lesson
  • 8th Lesson
  • 9th Lesson
  • 10th Lesson
  • 11th Lesson
  • 12th Lesson
  • 13th Lesson
  • 14th Lesson
  • 15th Lesson
  • 16th Lesson
  • 17th Lesson
  • 18th Lesson
  • 19th Lesson
  • 20th Lesson
  • 21st Lesson
  • 22nd Lesson
  • 23rd Lesson
  • 24th Lesson
  • 25th Lesson
  • 26th Lesson
  • 27th Lesson
  • 28th Lesson
  • 29th Lesson
  • 30th Lesson
  • 31st Lesson
  • 32nd Lesson
  • 33rd Lesson
  • 34th Lesson
  • 35th Lesson
  • 36th Lesson
  • 37th Lesson
  • 38th Lesson
  • 39th Lesson
  • 40th Lesson
  • 41st Lesson
  • 42nd Lesson
  • 43rd Lesson
  • 44th Lesson
  • 45th Lesson
  • 46th Lesson
  • 47th Lesson
  • 48th Lesson
  • 49th Lesson
  • 50th Lesson
  • 51st Lesson
  • 52nd Lesson
  • 53rd Lesson
  • 54th Lesson
  • 55th Lesson
  • 56th Lesson
  • 57th Lesson
  • 58th Lesson
  • 59th Lesson
  • 60th Lesson

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