Level One | Tajwid Course | Academic Empowerment

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Level One | Academic Empowerment

  • 01.Al-Tajwid principles and introductionn
  • 0.2The beginning of Tilawa
  • 03.The Basmala and Ta’awwudh Terms Ahkam
  • 04.An Introduction On letters And Its Articulation
  • 05.The cavity and Throat Articulation
  • 06.The end and middle tongue Articulation
  • 07.The Tip And Margin Of Tongue Articulation (ن ر)
  • 08.The Tip Of Tongue Articulation (ط د ت) (ظ ذ ث) (ص س ز)
  • 09.The Two Lips And Nose Articulation
  • 10.An Introduction On Letters Epithets
  • 11. Ahimsa And The Loudness Epithet
  • 12.Ash-Shiddah ,Ar- Rekhawa And AL Bayna Epithet
  • 13.Correct letter tenses
  • 14.Al- Estelaa & Al- Estefal
  • 15.Inflated letters
  • 16.Al-Raa Terms
  • 17.Al- Etbaaq & Al- Enfetahh
  • 18.Qalqalah And Safeer Epithet
  • 19.Al-Leen & Al-Enheraf & Al-Takreer
  • 20.Al- Tafashi & Al- Estetalah & Al-Gunnah
  • 21.The Forming Completing

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