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AL-Rashidi book is considered one of the best and major books for teaching the correct Arabic reading.

The student learns the letters, then the words, and then the sentences, so he \ she gets the skills in reading fast.

  • Class numbers: 40 classes (more classes are on the student)
  • Class duration: 30 – 40 minutes
  • Students number: 1 student (private class, just teacher and student)

The Level duration (create choices from the following):

2 months         5 classes every week

3 months       3 classes every week

5 months         2 classes every week

The class is interactive between students and teacher (online)

The student gets an academy certification when he\she succeeds.

What will I learn?

  • Arabic letters reading and writing with the correct pronunciation.
  • The ability to reading words.
  • Suras from Juz Amma, in addition to surah Fatiha ,(from surah Al-Nass to surah Al-Feel).

To whom the course is?

 To every one wants to learn Arabic reading and writing principles, adults or children.

You can help learners by donating for them?

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