About Tamkeen

Tamkeen Academy provides a special educational system to meet the challenges of banishment experienced by Arabs and Muslims in the world, and to facilitate communication between qualified teachers and students wishing to learn, and to save effort and money.

The mission

Many young people and families today face great challenges in learning, especially the two subjects of the Arabic language and the Holy Qur’an, which are always closely related. It is not possible to learn the Arabic language without referring to the Holy Qur’an, and vice versa. The existence of an integrated educational system for these two subjects to be the ideal solution for parents and youth, and save time, effort and money.

The Tamkeen platform comes to provide effective solutions for learning these two subjects with a simplified teaching mechanism that suits all groups (children or young people) and facilitates the process of teacher communication with the student, and the implementation of the entire distance learning process.


  •  Teaching Arab expatriates the Arabic language and the Noble Qur’an.
  • Teaching foreigners the Arabic language and the Noble Qur’an.
  • Providing products for teaching Arabic, the Qur’an, and what is related to them through the academy store.
  • Providing courses in teaching languages and various sciences.


  • Tamkeen Academy aspires to be the leading platform and beacon that lights the way for Arab and foreign expatriates to learn the Arabic language and the Holy Quran.
  • Tamkeen Academy aspires to be one of the leading platforms in the field of distance education for various sciences and languages.
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